I am a science fiction fan and writer from the very heart of the Heartland of America. I grew up in California, and transplanted to the Midwest in 1980. I am a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, receiving my B.A. Degree in Media in 1991.


Over the last decade, I have written across a variety of genres, including feature-length screenplays for a Romantic Comedy, Police Thriller, Action Thriller, and even a Drama-Thriller Television series.


My latest offering is the Arlon Prophecies series. This eventual 4-book Dragon adventure involves a small group of Chosen Children (known as the Dunamai) and follows their twisted tale of danger, friendship, love, betrayal, and sacrifice. Prior to that, I completed the Back to Normal series, with the first book released in October 2014. This series revolves around a motley crew of involuntary time-jumpers that find themselves mysteriously transported back to post-World War II America, and follows their desperate struggle to find a way back home before the CIA and a KGB assassin can find them.


I live in Jackson, Missouri with my wife, Amanda, 3 children, 6 cats, and a lovable former-puppy who weighs in just shy of 120 pounds.

Book Trailer for Paradigm Rift: Book One of the Back to Normal Series

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PARADIGM RIFT: Book One of Four Synopsis


Denver Wayne Collins was doing his best to maintain the deteriorating pieces of his life, as he faced a bitter divorce that threatened to rip his 6 year-old daughter from his home and heart.


And then...it happened.


In a blinding flash of lightning and a cascade of thunder, Denver finds himself mysteriously transported back in time to 1956...to the Midwestern town of Normal, Illinois. Quickly arrested by police Chief James McCloud, Denver discovers that he is not alone as a time jumper. Denver joins a small band of time travelers who are desperately struggling to find a technological breakthrough that can send them all home, while keeping their true identities safe from the populace of the small town.


They think that no one knows the truth...but a local reporter and the CIA are hot on their trail, seeking to exploit the knowledge held by people from the future. Adding to their troubles, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has dispatched a female KGB assassin to locate the group and eliminate them before the American intelligence services can interrogate them.


It's about love, betrayal, and sacrifice, carefully woven into a tale involving murder, espionage, and experimentation with the very fabric of reality.


If you love sci-fi, if you crave political thrillers, if you are fascinated by conspiracy theories, then the Back to Normal series is your newest escape. Back to Normal will tease your mind with shocking conclusions about the famous Roswell event, Area 51, the Philadelphia Experiment, and even...the Kennedy assassination.


You will never look at history the same way again...it's time to get challenged, it's time to get the whole story, it's time to get Back to Normal.


Book One: Paradigm Rift available NOW on www.Amazon.com


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TRADECRAFT: Book Two of Four Synopsis


The thrilling time travel saga continues in this second installment of the Back to Normal series.

Just as Area 51 scientists make a remarkable discovery concerning Denver Collins' wallet, explosive evidence mounts that a murderous saboteur lurks within the upper echelons of CIA Project SATURN. With a persistent newspaper editor attempting to connect all the dots, even a revolutionary time travel breakthrough by the researchers in The Basement might be tragically too late.

Denver Wayne Collins remains unconscious behind bars, an FBI dragnet is sweeping the Midwest, and a relentless Russian assassin tracks down their hidden location. Normal’s Jumpers are running out of time The Back to Normal Series is a thrilling mix of history, mystery, and conspiracy.


From Area 51 to Roswell, from present day to the beginnings of the Cold War, follow the gripping account of a desperate group of time jumpers hunted by the CIA /KGB and hounded by their own pasts.

This four-book saga will challenge the way you understand contemporary world history…and even time itself. TRADECRAFT is the sequel to PARADIGM RIFT, Book One of the Back to Normal series.


Book Two: Tradecraft available NOW on www.Amazon.com


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PROXIMITY: Book Three of Four Synopsis


The thrilling time travel saga continues in this third installment of the Back to Normal series.

Since Denver Wayne Collins’ involuntary time jump back to 1956, he has been hunted by local and federal law enforcement, shot, jailed, electrocuted, bludgeoned, and sentenced to three years in prison. But the Army Special Forces veteran is about to encounter his deadliest mission yet…an assignment that will seal the fate of every Jumper in Normal. Their desperation propels Denver on a tragic quest deep within enemy territory…


Area 51.


While several states away, Doc Stonecroft’s dark secret jeopardizes the Fourth Accord, and threatens to tear the group, and even time itself, apart at the seams. Will anyone survive the murderous onslaught now that a Soviet assassin and a relentless newspaper editor have located the defenseless group? Time can be cheated, but not death itself, as the Jumpers discover in Proximity, the tragic sequel to Tradecraft.


Book Three: Proximity available NOW on www.Amazon.com

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CROSSOVER: Book Four of Four Synopsis


It is December. 1956.

Christmas isn't the only thing coming to town.


The ruthless forces of Project SATURN have finally uncovered the conclusive evidence they require. With Normal, Illinois within the government's crosshairs, time has nearly run out for the struggling band of desperate but hopeful Jumpers.


But now that Emile Papineau has been horrifically murdered,can Doc Stonecroft complete the Tesla portal before they are apprehended by the CIA? Will the growing animosity between Denver Collins and Robert Sheppard tear the fragmented and fragile group apart?


More gut-wrenching tragedy and a surprising source of help awaits in Crossover, the final installment of Back to Normal Series One.



Book Four: Crossover available NOW on www.Amazon.com

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THE DRAGON OFFERING: Book One of the Arlon Prophecies

Arlon was the most important person in his kingdom, and he hated it.

He was one of only a handful of people in the Five Civilized Kingdoms born with the birthmark. He was a Child of the Mark. A Chosen Child.

A Dunamai.

The ancient prophecies were clear...seven Dragons would rise to power. Six had come and gone over the past 6300 years, the majestic Seventh Dragon was about to be born. Terras Telos...the final prophesied Dread Guardian to rule over the world.

Only a Dunamai could approach a Dragon. Only a Chosen Child could make an offering to the newborn Dragon. The stakes were unimaginably high...and Arlon knew that only one of them would be accepted. His entire teenage life had been a preparation for one single day...the day of the Dragon Offering.

No one could have ever imagined the incredible and tragic series of events that would be unleashed by a young man's simple desire to be free.

Visit the ALL-NEW Arlon Prophecies website with character images, Dragon artwork, clickable map, book synopses and more:   THE ARLON PROPHECIES WEBSITE

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THE DRAGON WRATH: Book Two of the Arlon Prophecies

Terras Telos, the Seventh Dragon, has come.

He has rejected the Offering.
He has brutally murdered Pelias.
He has cursed the Five Civilized Kingdoms.

And now the Dunamai are being pursued by both the murderous Dragon and the vicious cult of the Order. They may have only one hope...




But can they survive the nearly impossible journey to meet the Sevasti? Can they survive the wrath of the Dragon?



Visit the ALL-NEW Arlon Prophecies website with character images, Dragon artwork, clickable map, book synopses and more:   THE ARLON PROPHECIES WEBSITE

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